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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Baby name regret: I couldn’t live with it, so I changed my son’s name.

We hadn’t taken the naming process lightly. The artisanal baby name trend has prompted a sort of arms race for obscurity. Like many people, we wanted a name that was at once classic and unusual, so I went all Nate Silver on the stats, consulting the demographic trends state by state, just as I had with my daughter four years before. (Back then, trying to see around corners, I nixed one contender because it was trending in Maine, which seemed like a bellwether state.) But we couldn’t come up with a name that fit our son the way the name Olive fit our daughter—enveloping her right away when she was born, like a soft sweater.


As in Olive the Other Reindeer? I guess I shouldn't talk since I considered Cameron for who was eventually Luke. But Cameron got nixed pretty quickly.

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