Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Judge rules against billionaire in beach dispute | Fox News

A Northern California judge ruled Wednesday against a Silicon Valley billionaire who had shut down public access to a beach beloved by surfers and swimmers, ordering him to reopen his private road to the beach.

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Dallas hospital confirms first Ebola case in US | The Miami Herald

A patient at a Dallas hospital has tested positive for Ebola, the first case of the disease to be diagnosed in the United States, federal health officials announced Tuesday.

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Ruh roh.

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The Case Against Qatar

For years, U.S. officials have been willing to shrug off Doha's proxy network -- or even take advantage of it from time to time. Qatar's neighbors, however, have not.

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Olympic great Michael Phelps after second DUI: 'I am deeply sorry to everyone I have let down' - NY Daily News

Apparently he can drink like a fish, too.

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Off-the-grid Alaskan fabric artist dips silk into glacial mud | Art Beat | PBS NewsHour

For silk artist Wendy Smith-Wood, living “nearly” off the grid on a remote homestead in Alaska has been a double-edged sword for her art. The cabin that her husband built by hand sits in a “stunningly beautiful” valley near the Matansuska Glacier. Theirs is the second-to-last home on the electrical grid and nine months out of the year, they have no running water. The nearest village is 75 miles away.

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Hirohito: String Puller, Not Puppet - NYTimes.com

In fact, Hirohito was never a puppet. He failed to prevent his army from invading Manchuria in 1931, which caused Japan to withdraw from the League of Nations, but he sanctioned the full-scale invasion of China in 1937, which moved Japan into a state of total war. He exercised close control over the use of chemical weapons in China and sanctioned the attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941. Even after the war, when a new, American-modeled Constitution deprived him of sovereignty, he continued to meddle in politics.

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The undoing of the Iraq and Syria revisionists - The Washington Post

If President Obama and his spinners won’t accept conservatives’ take on the failures and missteps leading up to the Islamic State and the region-wide chaos in the Middle East, maybe they will believe the New York Times. Strangely enough, it confirms the facts and arguments conservative critics have been making for years now. What is also evident is that President Obama picked on the wrong people; the intelligence community is striking back by going to the media with chapter and verse of the president’s dereliction. The report substantiates eight key points:

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Silicon Valley Thinks It Has the Answer to Its Diversity Problem - NationalJournal.com

Those unintended prejudices in recruitment—whether racial, gendered, or economic—are shortcomings that a growing number of big-data firms are hoping they can help solve with their massive number-crunching operations. By mining troves of personal and professional data, these companies claim they can not only match employers with A-plus job candidates, but help close diversity gaps in the workforce, too.


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uh huh.

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America's imperial taxation: Column

Imagine you are a California-based widget manufacturer competing around the world against a Dutch widget manufacturer. You both compete in Latin America and pay taxes on your income there. Trouble is, your Dutch competitor can reinvest those profits back in its home country without paying additional taxes, but you can't.

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Is Uber’s Business Model Screwing Its Workers? - Working In These Times

Kazi drives a Toyota Prius for Uber in Los Angeles. He hates it.

He barely makes minimum wage, and his back hurts after long shifts. But every time a passenger asks what it’s like working for Uber, he lies: “It’s like owning my own business; I love it.”

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This is great. Article after article like this. Warren for President!

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