Monday, March 24, 2014

SF author Wolfe a Catholic evidently

I didn't know Wolfe is a Catholic:

About his conversion, Wolfe says: “I was raised in a rather lax fashion as a Presbyterian. I don’t think my father had any particular religious convictions. My mother had been raised as a Presbyterian and so I was nominally a Presbyterian. It was largely an answer to give when people asked you . . . . I married a Roman Catholic and had to take instruction in it in order that we could have a Catholic wedding . . . . I became interested in it, read and studied, and talked to people about it and so forth, and eventually converted . . . . I didn’t read a lot of theology . . . . I read Chesterton’s book on St. Thomas Aquinas . . . and ended up reading everything of Chesterton’s that I could find. I had gone through very much the same thing earlier with C.S. Lewis.”

 I found this link on the less reliable as of lately Instapundit.

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