Thursday, March 20, 2014

A Catholic Showdown Worth Watching | The American Conservative

The real action does not involve liberal “Catholics” at all. Liberal Catholicism, while well-represented in elite circles of the Democratic Party, qua Catholicism is finished. Liberal Catholicism has no future—like liberal Protestantism, it is fated to become liberalism simpliciter within a generation. The children of liberal Catholics will either want their liberalism unvarnished by incense and holy water, or they will rebel and ask if there’s something more challenging, disobeying their parents by “reverting” to Catholicism. While “liberal” Catholicism will appear to be a force because it will continue to have political representation, as a “project” and a theology, like liberal Protestantism it is doomed to oblivion.


Yeah, I think that' right. If you're an atheist and a Jew, you're still a Jew. If you're an atheist and a Catholic, you're just an atheist.

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Whether your parents are Catholic or Jewish, you are still born an atheist, subject, unfortunately, to gummint-approved indoctrination.

If you are a boy born an atheist to a Jewish family, you will suffer Male Genital Mutilation for sure. If born an atheist to a Catholic family, you might excape genital mutilation, especially in Brazil or Mexico.

Posted by: jim kirby | Mar 20, 2014 3:05:08 PM