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Monday, February 17, 2014

Chattanooga Volkswagen workers reject the UAW |

I suspect that the union will try to void the election somehow by appealing to the Obama appointees on the National Labor Relations Board. And the company, in collusion because of a desire to go along to get along with IG Metall in its larger plants in Germany, may not put up much of a defense. Nonetheless this is still a huge defeat for the UAW. They have not been able to even come close to organizing non-U.S.-based auto company plants in the South and in states like Ohio and Indiana (no foreign-based manufacturer, except for the joint venture between Mazda and Ford, has sited a plant in what they have reason to believe is or will be UAW-dominated Michigan). The UAW hoped that they could win a vote, in collusion with the employer, in Tennessee. No such luck. Most Americans, it seems, don't want to head down on the path to another Detroit.


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