Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Dana Perio believes in forgiveness

So does Bush 2, apparently, and he should by golly.  I'm still waiting for those WMDs to show up.  Are they the chemical weapons in Syria?  But anyway, his press secretary, Dana Perino, has a nice little tale of forgiveness.  Me, I don't believe in forgiveness.  Rather, I believe in it, but am incapable of practicing it.  I forget, but I don't forgive.  Sometimes I remember and get mad all over again.  It's a curse, honestly, but I really don't know how to let things go.  I've gotten around to forgiving the people who wronged me in high school.  That's been about 40 years.  I suppose when I'm in my 60s and 70s I will forgive the people who wronged me in college.  But I doubt I'll ever get around to law school and after.  Meditation is supposed to help.  Haven't tried that.  On the up side, at least I'm not adding any new enemies.  I don't hate any of my colleagues or former business associates.  I think it's something about being young that makes one especially vulnerable. Oh, I guess I hate my neighbor, he of the next door.  Inconvenient for purposes of practicing Christianity, but I figure that's mostly my metaphorical neighbors.  I had to shut down his construction project with the threat of a lawsuit, not conducive to warm and fuzzy relations.

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