Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Why the camels in Syria are frightened | AEIdeas

The Wall Street Journal reports:

Pentagon officials have firmed up plans for military strikes against Syria that would likely use cruise-missile strikes to “deter and degrade” President Bashar al-Assad’s security forces without dramatically altering the country’s balance of power, senior defense officials said Tuesday. (emphasis added)

Seriously? So what exactly is our objective in Syria? To blow stuff up? If ever there was evidence that Obama has no strategy in Syria, this is it. The purpose of military power is to “alter the balance of power” in a conflict. If that is not your objective, you should not use it.


Basicly, you want to conduct foreign policy so that you get into a box you cannot get out of without making yourself look impotent and stupid. Obama has done this. Way to go Obama. Geez.

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"So what exactly is our objective in Syria? " Quite. Something to do with Saudi Arabia, or Israel, or Iran, perhaps? Or just to save face for Obama?

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