Thursday, August 29, 2013

Private school vs. public school: Only bad people send their kids to private school. - Slate Magazine

Whatever you think your children need—deserve—from their school experience, assume that the parents at the nearby public housing complex want the same. No, don’t just assume it. Do something about it. Send your kids to school with their kids. Use the energy you have otherwise directed at fighting to get your daughter a slot at the competitive private school to fight for more computers at the public school. Use your connections to power and money and innovation to make your local school—the one you are now sending your child to—better. Don’t just acknowledge your liberal guilt—listen to it.


I take it Ms. Benedikt does not have any school aged children of her own. So we are left with her well meaning advice on what other people should do with their children.

I wouldn't send my kids to our local public school anyway, but my opinion was confirmed when the janitor had some fingers blown off by the bomb one of the little darlings had planted. This was after an intensive workshop on what to do with unidentified packages, etc., which emphasized, whatever you do, do not pick it up. He picked it up.

The next junior high school over had a bit of a dustup over the blow job contests the girls were having at a local theater. I forget the exact rules, but it definitely involved blow jobs. (yes, I know: where were these girls when I was in junior high school??) So, yep, it's Catholic schools for our kids, whatever the social justice consequences may be.

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It seems to me that any taxpayer so heavily taxed yearly to support public schools has every right to comment to any parent as to what he should do regarding education of the brats.

Posted by: Jimbino | Sep 2, 2013 8:07:59 AM