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Thursday, November 29, 2012

BOOK REVIEW: ' Sex and God at Yale' - Washington Times

This is where the difference lies between then and now. Those who graduate from Yale remain very impressive. They can argue any side of an issue, and they are willing to work long hours to prove their distinctive value. Most notably, they have been indoctrinated with a particular form of relativism — a learned suspicion of where they come from, be it God or country, and a trained indulgence of certain enemies, foreign and domestic. “Today, I think there are more Yale students who want to be president of the United States than military officers. Over time, Yale has retained its sense of ambition but has lost its sense of responsibility to the nation,” Mr. Harden writes.

Just the type of men and woman we need. As the rightfully self-absorbed Ivy logic goes, “As goes Yale, so goes the nation,” Mr. Harden writes. For the sake of the nation, let’s hope not.


I was present as a visiting high-schooler (or maybe I was a freshman at Cornell, I forget) at what subsequently evolved into Sex Week at Yale. It involved just one evening's worth of pornographic films back then, including one starring a white woman and a black man having sex outdoors and another featuring two rather pudgy men. I wondered, as the movie began with two men carrying groceries into their apartment, if this is a porno flick, where are the girls? Alas, there were no female persons in that film. --TS

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