Monday, September 3, 2012

Obama’s Enthusiasm Deficit Could Soon Haunt Him -

In short, Obama has to fear that his good margins among young and Latino voters will be offset by their low volumes and that those groups simply won’t matter as much as they did four years ago.


I think I can understand why an African-American would vote for Obama. For all the usual reasons and for many it might even be the rational vote, depending on their economic circumstances. But for young people who presumably want to get jobs and advance in their careers, it really strikes me as false consciousness that they should support O as much as they do. My impression is that the evidence that deregulation and tax cuts usually increase employment and economic growth is pretty overwhelming. I saw this first hand in the Reagan years and it was something to see. I concede our large deficits weaken the case for tax cuts. But it seems to me a vote for O is still a vote for high unemployment, a very devastating thing if you are young and in debt. I feel like I am a witness to a great crime being committed, out of reckless indifference to those harmed, against generations of kids, one I am powerless to stop and they are too ignorant to perceive. --TS

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It is indeed a crime, and not just against the young. It is also a crime against second chances for enterprising older people, against new starts for talented immigrants, against comfortable retirement (or any retirement) for people who don't have $500K+ in the bank, etc., etc. It is a colossal waste of resources and potential. Tragic, really.

Posted by: Jonathan | Sep 4, 2012 1:35:47 PM

It's basically the same "false consciousness" ( abhor the term) that leads unskilled workers to support eliminating the inheritance tax for large estates. In both cases, voters support measures that do little for them where they are, in the hope that those same measures will benefit them in the (unlikely) event that they end up where they really want to be. An unemployed college kid may not have a job now, but if he or she manages one day to score a cushy sinecure at some environmental agency or entitlements processing office, that vote for Obama will have paid off.

Posted by: Dan Simon | Sep 5, 2012 10:33:49 AM