Thursday, July 19, 2012

Romney's new video
Tom Smith

I'm with Michael Barone who just can't figure what Obama was thinking. Or maybe those who say that unscripted, he made the error of saying out loud what he does think. Anyway, Mitt is absolutely right to make as much of the opportunity O has handed to him. With recent polls, I am beginning to feel somewhat optimistic. It's still very early, but I think (unlike intrade) that Mitt's odds are a bit above 50 percent. I do because the national polls, which are much more rigorous than the state-by-states, show a dead heat among registered voters, and likely voters will skew a bit more GOP, maybe 3 or 4 points. There has been some good economic news (housing starts) but I suspect the next big employment numbers are going to be poor. This, because I do think we are in a hiring freeze caused by regulatory uncertainty and burden, as well as very sluggish growth.

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