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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Mirror of Justice -- Robert George

In a previous post, I stressed the importance of standing up for the religious freedom of people of every faith, not just those who share our own convictions.  In view of a recent development in Germany, I here wish to say that Christians, especially those of us who are Catholics, should be particularly outspoken in defending the rights of Jews and the Jewish people.  It is not simply the memory of past crimes committed by Christians, including leaders of the Church, against Jews---crimes sometimes committed in the very name of Christian faith.  It is the fact that we are taught by our Church, and so we believe, that the Jews are the chosen people of God, bound to him in an unbroken and unbreakable covenant.  Moreover, for Christians, Jews are, in the words of Blessed Pope John Paul II, our "elder brothers in faith."  From a Christian point of view, the Jewish witness in the world has profound and indispensable spiritual meaning.

The recent development in Germany against which we Christians should loudly raise our voices is described by David Goldman ("Spengler") in an article published today:  "On June 26, the District Court of the Federal State of Cologne ruled that circumcision of children for religious reasons at the instruction of parents constituted the infliction of bodily harm and therefore was a punishable offense."  Of course, for observant Jews, circumcision of male children is not optional.  It is required as a matter of Jewish law.  To prohibit it is, in effect, to forbid Jews from being Jews.


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