Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Hipster beta ballad
Tom Smith

But I still like it.  I like the local SoCal references and it reminds me of Ithaca, NY in the 1970's. Harper Simon is Paul Simon's son by his first wife.

There's also this affecting youthful angst ballad that was used in the premier of the new HBO series Girls. On a different note, there's Greg Brown's Eugene. Sometimes you gotta let the dog find you.

This is probably Greg Brown's most popular tune.


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The forst overlay ad that popped up while watching it was for a "vaginal mesh lawyer". It struck me as amusingly appropriate.

It is a good nostalgia tune for us greying sorts who remember the 60s/70s (but not too well).

Pity the guy can't meet up with her again and do a new song about how she turned out 40 years later (he might be very glad it didn't work out).

Posted by: krm | Apr 25, 2012 6:51:12 AM