Wednesday, September 7, 2011

FDOM buys more gear
Tom Smith

FDOM stands for fire department of me.  I went outside today and saw the weather conditions that make me feel ill -- a hundred degrees and a hot wind:  fire weather.  I've decided next time I'm hunkering down and watching after my property.  If you lose your house to fire around here, it will take you at least four years of hagling with the county and insurance companies to rebuild.  I know I just don't have that in me.  But I know I am stupid enough to stay put with my pool pump and fire hoses.  So I've added to my kit a Nomex coverall, gloves, some goggles and several nozzles that should make it easier to spray my stockpile of Phos-check up onto my pine trees.  Finding non-dyed Phos-check for civilian use was not easy, I can tell you, but I managed to score about five hundred bucks worth, enough in theory to coat my house and trees with the fire retardant, said to be very effective.  I have fire insurance out the kazoo but based on my experience trying to collect for a little water heater flood, I can't imagine getting The Company to cough up the dough for a burnt house is any picnic given that my water heater flood was evidently an elaborate conspiracy by me to bilk them out of their hard earned premiums.  Then there is also the karmic effect -- the more fire fighting gear you buy, the less you will probably need to use it.

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Where in San Diego do you live? My family and I used to live in Scripps Ranch back in the 70s & early 80s. The firestorm that blew through there a few years ago burned around our old block in MacMillan Scripps, but managed to miss the house. Not really sure how that happened, but the winds of fate, and all that, right? :-)

I do remember the Santa Ana mornings in early Fall. Waking up to the bone-dry, crackling wind was always ... interesting. Very spooky, really. And there always seemed to be the smell of smoke in the air.

Good luck. Hope the power outage didn't cause too much rot in the 'fridge.

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