Thursday, February 24, 2011

Tax lawyers who make $1000/hour or more
Tom Smith

I always tell my students that if they are smart enough to be tax lawyers and if they find it at all interesting, they should do it.  The actual practice of the taxation of M&A is much more interesting IMHO than the corporate law of M&A, mainly because the latter has of lot of gruesome implementation, at least if you are not a senior lawyer.  And even then, you should probably read through the docs before you let them out the door.  Unfortunately, nobody told me this while I was in law school.  OTOH while tax is more intellectually challenging than any other area of law I can think of, it is extremely dry in the way math can be.  Not dry as boring, but dry in the sense of being abstract and arithmetical.

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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Mystic monks coffee
Tom Smith

This looks worth a try.

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Home security update
Tom Smith

[This might be considered a family life update and so you probably should not read it.]

We have been having some problems lately with vandalism and (attempted) theft, probably the result of ill considered redneck procreation nearby.  I.e. teenagers rather than professionals.  But still irritating.  So I have installed this security camera system by Logitech.  The idea is that being recorded vandalizing cars or attempting to steal from them might act as a disincentive to the miscreants, but perhaps I give them too much credit.  Also, I suppose they could put on masks or, fitting in with the wild West theme of our neighborhood, bandannas a la outlaw cowboys.  The system was easy to install, or would have been to your typical home improvement guy.  I actually found it rather difficult to install, fiddling small screws and my cordless drill on top of the ladder and figuring out how to punch a hole through my stucco wall.  The electronics anyway worked flawlessly or did until they stopped.  I cursed the thing up and down and tried to figure out what had gone wrong, until I noticed the adapter had fallen out of the wall socket.  You do have to keep this puppy plugged in.  It has a cool motion detector feature which you can set to sound an alarm (big dog, flying saucer, lots of options) if something is moving about your driveway at night.  You'll turn that off pretty soon.  It does make me feel a little safer having an eyeball directed down my driveway.  The optics are good, though they will make you appear much heavier than you actually are.  LWJ says it makes our master bedroom look like the security station in a mall (that's where I had to set up a CPU and monitor to make the thing work) and she does have a point there.  In time, I may experiment to see if I can set up a camera say 25 meters from the house to keep an eye on my mailbox, which kids like to destroy for reasons of their own.  Some of my neighbors have resorted to embedding their mailboxes in stucco pillars, but I prefer a high tech approach.

In other news, I have my eye on this object, the very soul of Ghadi-like, love your neighbor pacificism.  Or perhaps not.  Partly for home defense, but mostly because it looks cool.  Is that wrong?  I would never shoot a teenager for vandalizing my truck; I don't love my truck that much. But I do think a shotgun is just something one should own.  The problem is getting the safe to keep it in, which ain't cheap.  Also, Ethan Allen does not seem to make an American Arts & Crafts style gun safe for the master bedroom.

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Another Rube
Mike Rappaport

Glenn Reynolds links to this column by Laurence Kotlikoff.  Why a deficit hawk should have voted for Obama (with a Democratic Congress) is just baffling.  Glenn is too nice to call him a rube, but I am not.  

Many of these rubes are making amends for their past mistakes and I suppose that Kotlikoff falls into that category.  But next time don't make the mistake in the first place, even if you do teach in Boston.     

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Biphasic sleep
Tom Smith

I might be normal after all.

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Increase the size of your hippocampus, decrease the size of your hippobuttis
Tom Smith

Exercise is good for you.

In other news:  and they say San Diego has no culture.

I only recently discovered his name was not Justin Beaver, which was a relief actually.  His whole thing is still pretty weird though.

Maybe I should try to learn Latin.

Men just can't do anything right.

Our reliable hierarchy, always wrong on economics.  But at least it's a rare occassion for the Guardian not to be anti-Catholic.

It would have been awesome to see this.  I still regret not seeing the giant squids when they invaded the SoCal coast recently.

I guess he couldn't trade them all in to get like two or three really cute wives?  But I guess you get more kids the way he's doing it.

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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Republican House
Mike Rappaport

You know, I am beginning to like these guys.  

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Ovulation news
Tom Smith

Ovulation strippers get bigger tips and other surprizing factoids.

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A general strike in Wisconsin?
Tom Smith

That evidently is the next move being contemplated in the cheese state, in case the budget-repair bill is passed.  When was the last time there was any sort of general strike in the US?  Are they even legal?

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Adultery, rage, poison and the 10th Amendment
Tom Smith

And you thought law was boring.

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