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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Mubarak's Incompetence
Mike Rappaport

Not at pursuing the public interest, which goes without saying, but in ensuring his survival.  I had wondered about the lack of a loyal republican guard: 

Former Egyptian ruler Hosni Mubarak got lazy and greedy by filling his "regime maintenance" forces with conscripts (as troops) and recent college graduates (as officers). Theses security forces, like the 325,000 paramilitary police in the Central Security Services (belonging to the Interior Ministry, nor the Defense Ministry), were more loyal to the people than to the small group of corrupt politicians running the country. Things had gotten so bad that the small secret police force had taken to hiring criminal gangs to harass or intimidate visible opponents of the government. These thugs fled if faced with serious opposition. And that's what they got during February, 2011.

The only people who were loyal to Mubarak were the most senior officers (active or retired) who were allowed a share of the national wealth being stolen by Mubarak, his family and key allies in the business world. By not spreading the largess around, Mubarak insured that he would be unprotected when a popular uprising got started.

Anyone who has read or listened to Bruce Bueno de Mesquita knows how dictators maintain power.

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Mike Rappaport


Pundita makes a convincing case that the military control the country and have since 1952, and orchestrated the "revolution" to eliminate his liberalizing sons from the succession which was to be coming soon though Mubarak's death or retirement.

Posted by: james wilson | Feb 17, 2011 8:15:38 AM

I had considered the possibility that Mubarak simply did not have the choice of whether to create a republican guard, but the Army would not let him. It is quite possible.

Posted by: Michael Rappaport | Feb 18, 2011 4:43:23 PM

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Posted by: cell phone covers | Feb 18, 2011 7:24:02 PM

Maybe Mubarak's iron grip wasn't as iron as advertised. Like you said, he probably couldn't organize a republican guard. I think he presided over a Junta, like Pinochet, or Musharraf. Stalin and Saddam were absolute monarchs. Dictatorships come in flavors too.

Posted by: molly | Feb 20, 2011 9:15:07 PM

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Hosni Mubarak should comply these things because he is a country leader. Paramilitary police are very important because they serve as human fence of a certain country. They have a big job to do for the country.

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