Sunday, November 14, 2010

Not reassuring
Tom Smith

Oh great.

If you want to scare yourself, you can also read The Hot Zone and The Cobra Event.  This latter might have a claim to being the novel that had the biggest immediate effect on policy since, I don't know, maybe Uncle Tom's Cabin?  Anyway, Clinton is said to have read it and been so rattled he ordered big steps in anti-bioweapon security.

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Tom Smith


Palin has a very significant role to play in the coming political war. What I see developing is an offensive economy of force operation. This baits the enemy into defending in the wrong place, and in the wrong direction.(Obama said that we were "the Enemy," didn't he?) The concept is for the Democrats to focus their attention and energy of Palin, who will not be the candidate.

In actuality Palin has no chance. She is most literally comical. It is more than possible that the Republicans could have seen this all the time, and put her up as Vice-President in order to hand the reins of government over to the Democrats just as the wagon was going over the cliff.

And the Democrats are making this too easy. It is remarkable how much they hate her. Recall how the left became inflamed and deranged with Bush-hatred as soon as W proclaimed the Holy Name. They hate Palin the same way, but for a different reason.

Palin stands for almost all the hot buttons in the culture war: guns and babies, to begin with, but there is something deeper than that. Palin is a frontierswoman, a pioneer, a trekker-forth. She stands for the American Drang nach Westen, which makes her a focus for the culture enmity of the anti-colonial left and the perpetual minorities. In this, as an Alaskan, she is like a Texan, only more so.

Now it won't be Palin in 2012, but not only can she help energize our side and distract those people, she can serve to displace the center. Whichever conservative Republican gets the nomination will appear as more of a moderate centrist. Slick.

Posted by: Lou Gots | Nov 14, 2010 12:42:48 PM

Police authorities estimate that 90 % of all burglaries/home invasions are preventable.

Posted by: here | Apr 26, 2011 1:18:23 AM