Thursday, September 2, 2010

Hitchens on Glenn Beck
Tom Smith

He pisses on Beck from a great height.  The condescending tone seems a little odd though, given how thoroughly his guys are about to get thumped.  Hitchens says the Tea Party is all about white insecurity.  I live in multicultural California and send my kids to a school where whites are in the minority.  It doesn't seem to me it's about race.  Plenty of Asian and Hispanic Americans seem to me just as upset about how things are going and our leftward tack. Maybe it's just too hard for a British intellectual to understand how Walmart shoppers think.  Good grief, in San Diego, nobody cares about white.  I don't think the Mexicans moving to Otay Ranch (google it, Hitch) to escape the narcos are crazy about the idea of an open border either.  This isn't Europe and it's not about race.  Whatever it is, it's a lot more complicated than that.

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Tom Smith


Very nice post, tks for sharing!!

Posted by: Tony P90x | Sep 3, 2010 12:46:45 AM

I'm a local Tea Party coordinator, so I know on the ground what the Tea Party movement is like first-hand. Hitchens' description of the Tea Party movement was not at all commensurate with my experience. I normally appreciate his work, but he was wrong in this article in a way that suggests he did not sufficiently investigate his subject matter.

If I were forced to describe the Tea Party movement in one word, it would definitely not be "race," which is inconsequential to the movement. Nor would it be "class," although it is in some sense a rejection of current elites (but not by any particular income level, as the Tea Party has large numbers of both unemployed blue collar types, retirees, and small businesspeople). Instead, the movement is about "outrage."

By that, I mean something different than anger. The common law standard for intentional infliction of emotional distress is that a reasonable person, when told of the conduct, would exclaim "That's outrageous!" And that is much closer to what the movement is about. The country's elites have inflicted grave emotional distress on people from all walks of life, such that at least several million of them have been sufficiently inspired to exclaim "That's outrageous!" Outrage is not, like anger or jealousy, an emotion of violence. Instead, it is a reasonable consideration that an act goes so far beyond the acceptable norms of society that it must be forcefully objected to and opposed.

When government gradually, and then suddenly, grows to envelop what was once a free country and a free market and replace it with a bureaucratized way of life and a crony capitalist economy, what else can freedom-loving citizens of that country feel except outrage?

Posted by: Sisyphus | Sep 3, 2010 10:55:16 AM


Search "Tea Party signs" under Google Images. Perhaps Google's search algorithms are partisan, but it's striking how few Tea Party sign holders are non-whites (less than 1% from the hundreds of images I've seen). I don't see many African, Asian or Hispanic Americans at Tea Party rallies...and I see fewer still holding signs saying:

"We Want Our Country Back"
"Impeach the Kenyan"
"Obama is a Socialist"
"American Taxpayers Are the Jews for Obama's Ovens"
"We Came Unarmed (This Time)"
"Don't Touch My Medicare"
"Subsidize My Ammo, Not My Mortgage"

Tea Party rallies may not be a function of white insecurity.

Asian and Hispanic American communities may indeed be upset about "how things are going."

While it may not be expressly race-related, it seems highly unlikely that Tea Partiers and Asian and Hispanic American communities are upset about the same thing, regardless of what "it" is they are upset about.

Posted by: Torrey Surfer | Sep 3, 2010 11:08:21 AM


Posted by: Jonathan | Sep 3, 2010 11:58:02 AM

Hitchens is the pack-rat of egomania. He loves himself so much he can't even stand giving up the old Trotskyite in him.

Posted by: james wilson | Sep 3, 2010 9:27:41 PM

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