Sunday, August 29, 2010

Interview with Jim DeMint
Mike Rappaport

I don't know much about Jim DeMint, except that he is criticized strongly by liberals, but he seems quite good in this piece.  Excerpt:

"In the House, John Boehner and the Republicans get it," Mr. DeMint says. He's not so sure about the Senate. "I think we're in danger of doing the same thing we did before, where a lot of young conservatives come in who have been out there campaigning on the right issues, but then all the senior guys take control of the committees and it's business as usual."

He warns: "This may be our last chance with voters, because if we're given the majority . . . and don't reform Washington, everybody is going to say, 'What's wrong with these guys? We need a third party.'"

He's right.

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Mike Rappaport


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I see a huge digust/discontent with both parties. DeMint may be right on this.

A Contract With America vision, stuck to by the GOP might get them another long stretch in power.

A repeat of the "slightly less drunken sailor" years might see a collapse of the 2 party system.

Posted by: km | Aug 30, 2010 8:05:18 AM

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