Wednesday, July 21, 2010

It's between you and your beach house
Tom Smith

It's a tedious job, but somebody has to do it.  Every time Tom Friedman chides us about how eco-irresponsible we are, how we all have to suck it up and pay more for everything that uses energy (which would be, uh, everything), somebody has to remind us that the honorable Friedman has a carbon footprint bigger than us, everybody who reads this blog, their families, friends, pets, hobbies, vacations and church groups, put together, times ten.  Here's a google image search of "Tom Friedman mansion".  Feast your eyes and wonder how many BTUs it takes to keep this puppy a balmy 75 in a Maryland winter and 69 in a Maryland summer.  And somehow I doubt this genius spends much time flying commercial.  And this on top of the not entirely irrelevant observation that the legislation would doubtless be a stupid and self-destructive step to take (a)even if human caused global warming is actually happening, because the honorable People's Republic of China is not going to slow down just because we do and (b) human caused global warming appears to be either a false theory or not firmly established enough (to put it politely) to rework the entire global economy on the basis of.  Thus, I suggest we all follow the example of the honorable Friedman, minus the hypocrisy, and just live as well as we can.  He actually chides Republicans for having beach houses.  Good grief.

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Tom Smith