Sunday, May 23, 2010

Islam and FGM
Tom Smith

Read to the end. I didn't comment on it before, but like I hope many people I found the exchange in which A.G. Holder was apparently unwilling to acknowledge that radical Islam had anything to do with recent terrorist attacks just about unbelievable.  If you had told me beforehand that such an exchange would happen, I would have said, oh, no, you exaggerate, and thought to myself you were the sort of embarrassing right wing crank those of us on the respectable right could do without.  This sort of thing seems to keep happening.

To point out what is probably obvious, we need to allow people to practice their religion, whatever it may be, but at the same time we should be uncompromising in our defense of freedom.  Obamaite progressives -- I hardly know what to call them, as "liberal" is just too wildly inappropriate -- do not seem to get that at all.

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Tom Smith