Thursday, April 15, 2010

Go for it
Tom Smith

Even at the risk of appearing a silly, cockeyed optimist later on, I agree with this.  And similar sentiments from Paul Rahe.  I think Obamaian bait and switch and overreach may have created an opportunity for a constitutional restoration unlike any since the Reagan administration and perhaps even more than that.  I guess that a third of the people are well and deeply shocked by what the Dems have been doing and another 25 percent or so are not so shocked but still significantly alarmed.  This fear and justified anger are prompting a sincere turn to fundamental political truths which in our culture means the Constitution, not as read by the New Deal, but as read by somebody who picks it up and reads it as the words mean something like what they say.  Or so I hope.

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Tom Smith


I wish I could be optimistic. I suspect voter anger at the dramatic expansion of government and federal spending will enable the Republicans to take back the House this year, but there is almost no chance that government will return to its pre-New Deal limits. Republicans at best just hold the growth of government in check. When they last tried to do more than that, in 1995, Bill Clinton quickly turned the American public against their attempt. And that's the major problem: most Americans kinda like big government.

I know there are lots of good poll results on a return to limited government and a revulsion against the Obama excesses, but I doubt government will actually be limited again. Even repealing ObamaCare will be a hard row to hoe.

Posted by: Larry | Apr 16, 2010 9:53:09 AM

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