Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Richard Epstein correct as usual
Tom Smith

I almost always agree with him.  He is especially correct about how health care "reform" is just a wild leap into the darkness.  The only certain thing about it is that it will vest huge new authority in many new government entities.  It will be a rent seeker's paradise.  (That's my take.)


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Tom Smith


Yes, a rent-seeker's paradise. Epstein is coy on this point, or maybe it's obvious. To discuss "healthcare reform" on the merits is to miss the fact that it's all about the graft, at least as far as Congress is concerned.

Aside from their control-freakery, corruption and socialist wishful thinking, it's striking how complacent the proponents are about the risks they want everyone else to take. This is, in part, what happens when you fill a government with leftist ideologues who lack business experience. Most people running small or medium-sized businesses are going to look at the current situation and think: There's too much uncertainty here, let's cut back our expenditures, expansion and hiring plans until we know how this will affect us. This is why the recovery is going to be slow. The Obama people either have no insight into how the uncertainty they create causes harm, or they don't care.

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