Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Goatee update
Tom Smith

Further alarming evidence.  (hat tip: KP)

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Tom Smith


I have no problem with tasering this guy. He was fighting the police, and they could have jacked him with a sap, which is much more dangerous. The fire was not reasonably foreseeable, and is irrelevent. In such a case, the Taser is a lesser force and should be preferred.

The problem is when the piggies start using tasers against mere passive resistance, as they once used cattle prods. If law enforcement uses tasers on people who just not moving for them, or to punish them people for "contempt of cop," they should be slammed.

When such cases wind up in front of juries, we should be on the alert for piggie "expert witnesses" coming in and saying things like, "Nine out of ten pigs agree that it's kosher to taze people who don't move when we tell them to move." The case should focus on the rules for force in law inforcement set down before technology purported to trivialize police violence.

Posted by: Lou Gots | Jan 14, 2010 6:28:31 AM

here's another one for you:

They focus on the "horns", but then, I know a guy who has real horns, just just some wussy tattoo horns, and he's never been charged with sexual misconduct with a minor. He doesn't have a goatee, so I think we can identify the problem.
(I really do know that guy- we were in grad school together for a while.)

Posted by: Matt | Jan 14, 2010 7:51:13 AM

Why did the lizard man do this? It seems very pathological to me!

Lou -- I regard "piggies" as an offensive term.

Posted by: Tom Smith | Jan 14, 2010 10:31:03 AM

Who knows why the Lizard Man did it, really. When you talked with him he seemed almost perfectly normal. I met him while he was a grad student in philosophy. At the time he had dowels in his ears (he lifted things with them as part of his show), teeth ground into fangs, and a forked tongue. The horns under the eyebrows and the tattoos came starting the next year. Maybe he thought there was a better future in performance art/side show freak type stuff than in philosophy. He might well be right.

Posted by: Matt | Jan 14, 2010 10:55:21 AM

I haven't had any run-ins with the law since I shaved my goatee. Surely this means something.

Posted by: Jonathan | Jan 14, 2010 7:29:33 PM