Monday, August 10, 2009

The NY Times throws Ben Stein over the side
Tom Smith

There must be a word for the complete opposite of a mensch.  Well, that is what the New York Times are -- the complete opposite of mensches.  Ben Stein is smart, funny, conservative but unpredictable and, on top of all this, appreciates Idaho as well.  He is in fact a textbook mensch.  He seems to be a frequent visitor to Sandpoint, in Idaho's beautiful northern lake country, where I want to spend more time (I usually get only as far north as Payette Lake).  It's hard to get more un-mensch like than throwing a writer over the side on trumped up grounds when your real beef is you don't like his politics, as Stein very plausibly suggests was just done to him.

The Times just keeps getting smaller.  It's the incredible shrinking New York Times.  Their coverage of the town hall broohahas has been just pathetic, for example.  I will link to it if I remember.  If the Times is not getting well paid by the DNC for its coverage of the town halls story, then the Times shareholders are getting cheated.

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Tom Smith


I was camping at Riley Creek campground in idaho during labor day weekend 2009 and me and my family boated up to Sandpoint, Idaho (we have been doing this for atleast 15 years) and we were getting coffee at starbucks. My uncle and I were waiting outside while we say someone walking across the street. It appeared to be Ben Stein. He then crossed the street said hello to us and then went in starbucks. The line was to long for him so he left and then continued to walk down the street. We then confirmed with the starbucks worker if that was Ben Stein and he said yes. Stein has a summer home in Sandpoint, Idaho and is very friendly. Very very smart and nice guy.


Posted by: chris | Sep 10, 2009 12:18:23 PM

What is it about Idaho. I'm from the east coast and I grew up with a white-skin-head view of Idaho. Being there profoundly changed that view. We ultimately built a cabin there (near Payette Lake) and we spend maximum time there with our young kids (including wandering around Coure D'Alene and area.) I'm well traveled and people-are-people when it comes to behavior. But there's a different sense of life in that state. I profoundly understand Stein's attraction to the place. Side story in McCall (Payette). I ran into a very famous Broadway personality at the hardware store in McCall. Introduced myself quietly and said thanks for the great performances. This person said "I don't want to talk about that stuff ... that's my New York me". By any measure this was a "Sun Valley/Aspen" personality. They were at the store wearing muddy boots and buying a shovel. We talked about digging posts deep enough for winter frost, who's a good local stone guy, and other important matters. That was it. Just another local.

Posted by: Tom | Oct 16, 2009 6:59:45 AM

I live in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho and have many friends that have run into Ben in Sandpoint. All, without exception, were surprised at his approachability and friendly personality. He seems to be a down to earth person, and certainly is entertaining and intelligent. I hope more people of his character are attracted to Idaho.

Posted by: Dave | Nov 14, 2009 8:08:27 AM