Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Health Care Debate
Mike Rappaport

Well, I don't know if the forces of good have won a battle or the war on this one.  But even assuming -- more optimistically than I think warranted -- that they have won the war against Obamacare, it is worth noting some of the ironies here. 

First, like Churchill, who cooperated with the evil Stalin, on the theory that this was necessary to defeat the even more evil Hitler, those opposed to Obamacare have had to cooperate with the Medicare lobby.  Medicare, sadly, is a form of the national health insurance that Obama wants.  The only difference is that Medicare is provided only to a subset of the country so that its enormous costs can be paid for by younger people.  Obamacare would require more rationing because there is no one else available to pay for it.  So a subset of people who want to protect their national health insurance are fighting against national health insurance for everyone.  Well, like I said, it is like having Stalin on your side.

Second, even apart from its Medicare aspects, the health care system in the US has a tremendous number of absurdities, from the tax treatment of health insurance to the balkanized system of insurance regulation.  This is not free market health care; it is just less socialism than Obama wants.  (Does anyone want more socialism than Obama?  Maybe Eugene Debs.)  For an interesting discussion of some of the absurdities of the system, see here.       

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Friday, August 28, 2009

Obama delivered Kennedy note to Pope during his visit to Rome
Tom Smith

That's interesting.  I wonder what it said.

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Krugman should be selling adjustable rate mortgages
Tom Smith

Don't worry America, Belgium and Italy did it, and it was fine.  Belgium.  Italy!  Yeah, I bet those Chinese central bankers are just loading up on the lira as fast as they can.

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Some Catholic Bishops get a clue
Tom Smith

Some Catholic Bishops have figured out that any likely Obama health care plan would provide federal funding for abortions, and so are speaking out against it.  They are also beginning to see the risk it poses to end of life care.  This story is not getting much play, but it is actually quite significant.  The Catholic vote is important is some crucial states.  More importantly, it's encouraging that some in the hierarchy at least can read the handwriting on the wall.  If the spirit of John Paul were going to reign over the deliberations of the medical efficaciousness committee(s) that would be one thing.  But guess what -- he wouldn't.  

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Are DOJ top political appointees violating DOJ procedure by killing Richardson investigation?
Tom Smith

I know a number of former DOJ officials read this blog, so I will just commend this post to their attention.  I find the suggestion pretty troubling.  The DOJ should be as apolitical as possible; obviously it can't be 100 percent apolitical.  But the combination of squelching the Richardson investigation in DC (assuming that's what really happened, as the AP reports) and taking up the CIA investigation again, sure doesn't look right.

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Now that's what I call an EIT
Tom Smith

Ted Kennedy and paternalism
Tom Smith

This column at RCP captures some of the thoughts I've been having as well.

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"Cruel and Neglectful"
Maimon Schwarzschild

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Strange baby
Tom Smith

I still think three people should make a baby the old fashioned way.

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Just kidding in Idaho
Tom Smith

I think my mother is going to vote for Butch, but even so, this doesn't do a lot for our reputation.

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