Monday, August 31, 2009

Obama has to do something about Iran before Israel does
Tom Smith

Here.  At one level, this is not that complicated.  Israel really cannot permit Iran to get nuclear weapons, because Iran is ruled by people who say they want to wipe Israel off the map and they don't appear to be kidding.  Iran is working as fast as they can to get nuclear weapons.  The US is the only power besides Israel that is at all likely to be able to stop Iran.  We need to do something, and soon.  A bunch of Obama happy talk will not do it.  Time is running out on this one.  I'm not too hopeful though because I think US foreign policy is now in the hands of people who actually believe what their professors told them in their Neo-Colonialism class in college.  Witness Honduras.

I hope Israel can get their hands on some of these, though I don't know if they have planes that could deliver them.  I wonder if parts of them are made here in San Diego.

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Tom Smith


Israel is on its own. We're not going to do anything, and we're not going to help Israel to do anything. Israel needs the kind of leaders it used to have, with balls. Unfortunately it is now saddled with mostly mediocre leaders who may or may not have balls, or may have them sometimes, if the US gives permission, or whatever. But at least it no longer has leaders who are actively trying to lose the game because they think that will make Israel popular, so that's progress. Maybe Bibi will decide one day that Iran isn't going to get done unless he does it, and so he will do it. I don't know what he's waiting for. If he thinks nonviolent means are going to disarm the mullahs or that Obama's going to do the dirty work for him he's crazy.

Honduras stood up against the US because there was no reasonable choice. Giving in to pressure to allow Zelaya's return meant the probable loss of freedom and national independence, so losing US support was an acceptable tradeoff. Israel faces an even more lopsided calculation because of the possibility of a second Holocaust if Iran gets nukes, so why are its leaders so concerned about American sensibilities?

Posted by: Jonathan | Aug 31, 2009 7:59:12 PM

One of the major (apparently widely unlearned) lessons of the Cold War is that nuclear deterrence not only works, but effectively reduces the nuclear competition between nuclear powers to a sideshow. The Soviets poured enormous resources into their nuclear arsenal, to virtually no effect, as they never really created a plausible first strike capability. Meanwhile, the far smaller resources they devoted to developing allies and satellites in the Third World, and undermining democracy in the First world, nearly brought the West to its knees during the 1970s, until the West finally caught on under Reagan and Thatcher and began fighting back on the same turf.

The parallels between Khomeinist Iran and the Soviet Union are in many ways uncanny, from its political system and philosophy to its domestic repressive tactics to its global ambitions. Iran is dangerous not because it may soon have nuclear weapons--against whom really, would it dare use them?--but because it devotes enormous resources to cultivating totalitarian dictatorships and terrorist groups as part of a grand strategy to attack and undermine the world's democracies and their allies. The proper response, as the West should have learned from the Cold War, is not to focus on the nuclear balance, but rather to counter Iran's real primary strategy, by undermining its totalitarian and terrorist allies via low-cost wars of attrition and pro-Western political movements.

Iran is a relatively weak, poor, fractious country that couldn't possibly sustain the level of force projection it's currently exercising if the West bothered to seriously resist its efforts in even the most modest ways. Instead, where the US isn't simply standing by and letting Iran advance, it's actively assisting--as in Honduras. Perhaps once Iran actually acquires nuclear weapons, the West will finally wake up...

Posted by: Dan Simon | Sep 1, 2009 10:13:30 PM

Israel really can not allow Iran to obtain nuclear weapons because Iran is ruled by people who say they want to wipe Israel off the map that does not seem to be joking. Iran is working as quickly as possible to get nuclear weapons.

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