Thursday, February 26, 2009

Obamas make stupid dog choice
Tom Smith

It's odd that a man who can transform the world to make it wonderful would make such a dumb choice for a dog.  As a rule a thumb, when a breed is described as say, "a little hard to handle" or "requiring a firm hand," that means something closer to impossible to train, insane, and dangerous around children.  You get the idea. People who love a breed always downplay its faults. The Obamas have never owned a dog.  They are novice dog owners.  So they go directly to a really difficult breed, and a rescue dog at that?  Really dumb.  People who rescue dogs are doing a very humane thing and are to be commended.  But there is often a reason that a dog has to be rescued.  It's a lemon dog.  It might be a great dog, but often it has some problem, often temperamental, that caused it to be abandoned.  So to pick a rescue dog from a very challenging breed, for your and your kids' first dog -- that's a recipe for doggy disaster.  I predict what will happen is that this dog will end up being mostly taken care of by the Secret Service and other handlers, it will never be properly trained,  and make occassional appearances.  After a while he will disappear from public view because his behavior will be embarrassing.  Much as I hate to say it, a Labradoodle would be a much better choice.  Or a Wheaton Terrier, also challenging, but not as bad as a PWD.  Remember the Clinton's Lab?  They never trained it and never provided the proper containment when they moved to New York.  It promptly ran out into the road, was struck by a car, and killed.  Say what you will about the Bushes.  At least they cared for their dogs.

And it's all so unnecessary.  Training dogs is exactly like getting votes.  You just teach the dog that if he wants little treats, he has to do what he's told.  He's sits; little treat.  It's just earmarking on a smaller scale.

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Tom Smith


I could not agree more.

I have an Aussie. Yuppies are always saying, "I want one of those!" I tell them, "No, you don't." I then sell them away from the breed. There are already too many Aussies in need of rescuing because self-indulgent liberals saw nothing but a shiny coat and set of beautiful mismatched colored eyes.

People have no concept of what living with a high-energy dog involves. People just see an excited dog and think they now have someone to share a couch with. We'll eat bon bons together! Then the destruction comes.

So I disagree with you about rescues. Most dogs end up in shelters because people are horrible.

If you get an Aussie and don't walk it, it is a character flaw when the dog chews your place up? WTF else is a bored dog supposed to do?

It's very rare that a dog who is exercised and trained ends up in a shelter due to behavioral issues. If you don't want to take your dog to PetCo training classes, or buy a book and do stuff at home, and exercise the dog: The person is to blame.

Posted by: Mike | Feb 26, 2009 11:41:24 AM

True enough. I agree if it's the people's fault if they buy a dog that needs exercise and then don't provide it. If you don't feed a dog, it will go crazy too, tip over the trash can etc. That's not the dog's fault. Hungry people get desperate too. But, there are such things as bad dogs, just like there are bad people.

Posted by: Tom Smith | Feb 26, 2009 11:52:04 AM

Dogs are for striding over the moors with. As I recall, DC is a moor-deficient environment. They should get a cat or two.

Posted by: dearieme | Feb 26, 2009 3:52:50 PM

So the Onsmas have never owned a dog before. Barry's never run a government before either. After a few hiccups things seem to be smoothing out nicely. I'm sure the dog will come in handy when we are reduced to eating our pets.

Posted by: enemyofthepeople | Feb 26, 2009 10:27:11 PM


Stupid Blackberry

Posted by: enemyofthepeople | Feb 26, 2009 10:29:53 PM

I think exercise will be key. I've worked with many breeds. Dogs who exercise stand to benifit mentally and physically. The Obama's are probably concerned with public opinion more that the dog's welfare, so I do agree to a certain extent. But if they hire a professional dog trainer to train them on pack mentallity (train the family first) and a dog runner or dog exercise company for their waterdog, he'll be easier to deal with.
Leaner dogs are healthier and usually have fewer illnesses resulting in a longer living pet.Dogs who partake in a regular exercise program have a happy demeanor. Calm and submissive attitudes are a positive side effect of a regular exercise program. Healthy Dogs who exercise with other dogs become part of a pack and become more social with people and other dogs. Running burns more calories and energy than any other form of exercise on the planet!

Posted by: Jason | May 15, 2009 7:29:37 AM

First, Their dog was from Sen. Kennedy. Second, just because its "a little hard to handle" doesn't mean it will be dangerous around children. Also to Mike... why the fuck is the ownership of Aussies suddenly a partisan issue("Liberals," make me sick!!). Yet, you were correct that people don't often do their homework when getting a dog. You should read this and learn something shocking about "pet overpopulation"

Posted by: History of vet med | Jan 29, 2010 12:20:10 PM

Oh yes, and don't you remember the Bush's dog actually bit someone. Idiot

Posted by: History of vet med | Jan 29, 2010 12:22:29 PM