Thursday, December 18, 2008

Law Conferences in San Diego
Mike Rappaport

In January, San Diego is hosting three Law Conferences. 

First, of course, there is the AALS -- that is, the annual Law Professors conference, being held for the first time in San Diego. 

Second, the Federalist Society is holding its Law Professor division conference, which is on Thursday evening and Friday, Jan. 8-9.  Attendance is by invitation, but any law professor can get an invitation just by sending an e mail to the Federalist Society.  Details on the conference here.  The conference looks great, with a variety of panels, including two USD speakers -- the Right Coast's very own Tom Smith, speaking on Lessons of the Subprime Mortgage Crisis, and Mike Ramsey, discussing Guantanamo Bay: the Problem of Judicial Review Post-Boumediene. 

Finally, there will be a USD conference on Incorporation of the Bill of Rights, entitled The Fourteenth Amendment and the Bill of Rights: What Have We Learned? Why Does it Matter?  The Keynote speaker is Michael Kent Curtis, and the speakers include Larry Solum of the Legal Theory Blog (and our former colleague), Kurt Lash, Don Dripps (who organized the conference) as well as yours truly, as a commentator.  The conference is being held on Wednesday, Jan. 7 at USD.  Attendance is free, but advance registration is strongly encouraged.  

The USD Conference is being sponsored by the USD Center for the Study of Constitutional Originalism.  If I am not mistaken, the Center may be the only one in the country devoted to constitutional originalism.  If you haven't seen it, take a look at the website, which allows viewing of several events and lists the 6 books and 115 Law Review articles that the USD faculty members have written on originalism.

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