Thursday, December 18, 2008

I'm jealous of Jon Favreau?
Tom Smith

Obama's speechwriter is a 27 year old sensation who has been writing speeches for the O-man since he was 23.  That's one score and three.  Actually, I think that explains a lot.  I think the speeches sound like they were written by a twenty something with a knack for writing speeches but who doesn't really know much.  If he is responsible for Hope, he has a lot to answer for.  It may have worked at the retail level, but it is an insult to the collective intelligence that will linger in the air for decades to come.  To be fair, I don't like Peggy Noonan's writing much either.  It's just a talent some people have I guess, writing speeches.  Occassionally the right line meets the right opportunity, as in "Tear down this wall!" Noonan gets some credit for that, but mostly it's Reagan for letting her know that's what he wanted to say and him for saying it.  But usually O's/Fav's rhetoric strikes me as nicely wrapped packages with nothing inside.

We are supposed to be jealous of Favreau?  I think an ambitious twenty-something can be forgiven for being jealous of Favreau.  And I guess you could say, hey, he has the chance to smith the words that could make history, sobering as that thought may be.  It would really help for O to have some not dumb ideas to put into words to do that, and so far all we have from Obama is the absence of most of the frighteningly dumb things he threatened us with during the campaign. Granted, there's plenty of time left on the clock.   I don't think Favreau is going to be writing a speech about that, but it would be interesting to capture that sense of relief, the Thank God He doesn't seem to be the red menace he sometimes sounded like.  

But here's an idea, if you're going to be jealous of somebody, how about being jealous of somebody who actually does and/or knows something?  For jealous, maybe substitute admire, as in, I wish I could do that.  I wish I could ski like anybody in the World Cup GS.  Those guys and girls are unbelievable.  I wish I could fight like anybody in the UFC, though I could do without the ink.  I wish I could write like a lot of people.  I wish I had the energy of my lovely wife Jeanne, or failing that the will power.  I wish I knew as much about economics as any of those bloggers at George Mason.  I wish I had the executive skills of any normal person.  But it's just a teensy bit insulting that I am or one is supposed to be jealous of Obama's little speech writer-b*tch.  I mean, seriously, one should aspire to more than that.

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Tom Smith


Soon it'll be FavrO.

Posted by: dearieme | Dec 19, 2008 3:30:05 AM

Peter Robinson wrote "Tear down that wall." But Peggy Noonan did write the speech after the Challenger disaster.

Posted by: Debbie L. | Dec 19, 2008 8:38:32 AM

Agreed with the ability to fighht like the UFC guys and the amount of ink. They have so much ink that guys without ink (or just a little) seem unusual. For example, Matt Hughes, Nogueira and Georges St-Pierre, Anderson Silva and Forrest Griffin almost look unique.

Posted by: anon | Dec 19, 2008 10:51:03 AM