Sunday, December 14, 2008

Greenspan was a disgrace
Tom Smith

Greenspan was such an embarrassment.  Now because he recanted during his show trial, we have to read rubbish like this.  I mean, how disgusting is this:  You haul an old man like Greenspan, who just wants to be liked in the DC social whirl, and insist he spit upon a copy of Adam Smith, and when he does, you crow about it in the New York Times.  I hope spending trillions of dollars on government boondoggles does somehow pull us out of the current recession, even if it means we have to hear about what a genius Keynes was.  I don't see how it will or can, but since apparently we're going to do it, I hope it works.

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Tom Smith


To follow Keynes, politicians would need to build up large reserves in the good times to spend in the bad. Fat chance.

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