Friday, September 12, 2008

What if?
Mike Rappaport

Reportedly, John McCain was planning on selecting Joe Lieberman for the VP slot, but was forced to abandon it by the strong opposition of religious conservatives.  While some might argue that McCain would have done well with Lieberman, my prediction is that he would be doing much worse. 

Yet, this is who John McCain really is.  If he had his druthers, he would have selected a big government liberal who supports the Iraq War and the War on Islamic Extremism.     And sadly, less us not forget, it is a McCain-Palin ticket, not a Palin-McCain ticket.

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Mike Rappaport


Most of us haven't forgotten, but we're getting steak and ice-cream before the execution, so shaddup!
It took Buckley, Reagan, and a few hundred conservatives thirty years to bring the country back to shouting distance of it's roots, and then two Bushes three terms to give away what they didn't earn. If the liberal actually knew what he was doing, he'd realized he can't lose this election.
Unless Bambi really self-destructs and hurts the down-tickets.

Posted by: james wilson | Sep 12, 2008 7:47:28 PM

Steak and ice-cream before the execution -- I like that!

Posted by: Mike | Sep 12, 2008 9:11:45 PM

This report loses some of its force when you consider its source. Perhaps McCain really did seriously consider Lieberman. Or perhaps McCain knew from the start that a liberal Democrat as his VP would be electoral poison. The article assumes that conservatives were the only group McCain needed to placate. Is it inconceivable that McCain used hints about Lieberman to placate nonconservatives? I suspect that McCain's understanding of politics is superior to that of journalists who assumed that Lieberman would be a reasonable pick.

Posted by: Jonathan | Sep 14, 2008 2:21:56 AM