Monday, September 1, 2008

The perfect NY Times
Tom Smith

Every so often the New York Times outdoes itself.  Their editorial today, on the opening day of the GOP convention, is such a case.  How to describe it?  It goes beyond self-parody.  Just as a literary artifact, it defies description.  The Gray Lady is, from a great height, giving advice to John McCain.  Not well intended, not advice he should follow.  Not sharing his world view.  Just, sort of, you know, Advice.  This Is What You Should Do.  Oh, sorry.  This Is What One Should Do.  What is the point of it?  It is not as if he or any of his advisers will give it a second thought.  They are not that stupid.  So what is it?

Somehow, I think lurking here is some secret to the mystery of the NYT view of the world, which is close to the rapidly beating heart of contemporary progressivism (which is a better term for it than liberalism, because it sure ain't very liberal).  I don't quite grasp it, but I sense it is there.  The editorial is very much a posture rather than an attempt to communicate with anyone, except maybe in the same way a fashion model communicates what is fashionable, a sort of -- here, this is how to stand, this is the style to affect.  It's pretty weird.

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Tom Smith