Saturday, September 6, 2008

Sarah Palin, Reloaded
Mike Rappaport

I'll confess. I watched her speech again.  I had it taped on Tivo, and thought, let me just watch a few minutes to see whether it was really that good.  I watched the whole thing!  I found it even more impressive and enjoyable the second time.  I am not sure why, but sort of the way you can enjoy a favorite movie over and over again. 

Another confession: After watching the speech, I still didn't delete it.  I am likely to watch that speech again, at least once.  Its just so much fun.  And its hopeful.  The Republicans may actually have an impressive communicator again, one who sounds a lot more libertarian than the usual suspects.

I just really enjoy that thrill going up my leg!

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Mike Rappaport


That's pathetic. When I read that I was immediately reminded of movie Dick Van Dyke made years ago called The Comic, about a successful silent-era movie comedian whose later life was a total disaster. The final frames of the film are shot from behind him as he sits alone in his shabby, darkened apartment watching reruns of his silent-era films. He probably had a thrill going up his leg, too.

Posted by: sulla | Sep 6, 2008 4:46:27 AM

Um, sulla, tu quoque.

Posted by: Skeptical | Sep 6, 2008 6:39:53 AM

When I watch Palin, I am immediately reminded of why I like women, which was necessary after watching the convention in Denver.
When I watch Obonga, I am reminded of Adolf, who discovered the method of ingratiating himself in sounding as stupid as his audience so they might think themselves to be as clever as he.
Adolf too was a community organizer, and a very good one, there is no doubt. Many inequities were righted, and an entire nation regained self-respect. He too meant to lead the world, not merely his nation. Both were socialist.
But to be fair to Adolf, he did not tolerate smoking.

Posted by: james wilson | Sep 6, 2008 9:28:13 AM

HA! My compliments to the other Mr. Wilson! I'd never thought of it like that but you are right! It is eerily similar how the two operate. Adolf had fantastic public speaking skills, and could speak off the cuff, while Obama cannot. See Limbaugh's 7 minute hmm and haw tape of Obama during a press confrence. Other than that, the description is apt.

Posted by: KenWilson | Sep 6, 2008 10:52:53 AM

I don't know how good Adolf was off the cuff, but he admitted to being terrified earlier in his career as he went to speak before mass rallies. For this reason he would begin very slowly; ironically that increased the anticipation, and made him all the more powerful.
Obama will not become that good because he cannot live without the teleprompter and react to his circumstances.
Because history would eventually reveal Adolf, we do not stop to appreciate now how very personable he was, or that he was known for his hospitality, charm, and manner. Let us remember he gained power in an election, not a revolution.
When liberty is taken by force it can be restored by force; when relinquished voluntarily by parts it has never been recovered. That is where we are, and will go whether with Obama or McCain.
Palin will lose her better sense in her subordinate situation. Anyone would who did not have the understanding not to go there in the first place. It's too bad, I like her very much.

Posted by: james wilson | Sep 6, 2008 7:22:08 PM

Then again, Jesus was a community organizer, and Pontius Pilate was a governor. How's that for a thrill going up your leg!

Posted by: Triumvirate | Sep 6, 2008 8:59:00 PM

"Pontius Pilate was a governor": d'you think O will use that line?

Posted by: dearieme | Sep 7, 2008 3:48:07 AM

One cut-n-paste comment invites another:

"Don Corleone began as a community organizer, too."

Sarah Palin makes fake baby Jesus cry.

Posted by: enemyofthepeople | Sep 7, 2008 9:26:03 AM

Pontius Pilate was not a governor of Israel, but of Rome. And the man who advised people to give to Rome what was Rome's was clearly not of the same cloth as The One who advises people rather what Rome owes them.
Samuel Adams--How strangely will the tools of the tyrant pervert the plain meaning of words.

Posted by: james wilson | Sep 7, 2008 10:04:14 AM

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