Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Not anyone can cook, but a great cook can come from anywhere
Tom Smith

I plan to write something substantive about Gov. Palin's speech as soon as I stop laughing.  That could be a few days.

I disagree with those who said Giuliani and/or Palin struck a note that was too mocking of the young Obama.  Nope.  The right cure for the grotesque idolatry that has grown up around Obama is to be every bit as mocking as they all were.  He deserves it and the various Obots deserve it too.  The way you beat somebody up is to beat them up.  In the immortal words of Sean Connery, do you feel better now, or worse?  Sorry -- I get a little incoherent when I'm laughing my head off.

OMG what a bunch of great lines.  I quote from memory.  The presidency is not supposed to be a voyage of self-discovery.  (A huge, accumulated pile of political-cultural BS summed up and dismissed in one, literate sentence.)  Two memoirs but no significant legislation.  Mayor = community organizing but with actual responsibilities.  Scranton vs. San Francisco.  And so on.  These speeches are going into the Do Not Erase can on the TiVo.  And all this coming from the lady who was supposed to be trailer trash.  Face it boys.  That thing that just got handed to you is your butt.  Geez, when Biden debates this lady, I hope the paramedics are standing by.

The NY Times is in full damage control mode.  Yeah, but the speech was written for her (no!) and maybe she won't do so well in an unstructured environment (i.e. in front of a hostile press), etc. etc.  Maybe not.  But what Palin just pulled off she only made look easy.  And as Giuliani said, Palin is without fear.  There's also more to the pit bull thing:  Why do they bite so hard?  Because that is what they love to do most in life.  And it's not funny, unless the person get chewed up richly deserves it.  She even found a funny, extemporaneous (apparently) way to say explicitly that she was, in fact, a pit bull, though one with lipstick.  Translation:  I wear lipstick and I am your worst nightmare.   

This lady was not fighting for her life.  She was having the time of her life.  She's a stone fighter, not the kind of victim the bullies want.  I begin to get the barracuda moniker.   A natural born killer.  I think I'm in love.

Oh, and good luck "raising questions" about the 17-18 year old parents to be who held hands through most of the speeches.  Young Romeo you may have noticed was handsome, hunky and adoring.  Half the blue collar gals in the country were probably thinking -- geez, I want to have his baby too.  The couple did not look sordid; they looked romantic, like young love.  The Deeds family, come to town.  Even the NY Times called the Palin family something like a "remarkable spectacle."   That's liberal for oh shit.

I hope to say more in coming days, but now it's time to praise Jesus and slap a moose steak on the barbee.  Possibly scotch can control laughing fits.

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Tom Smith


Good post!

Posted by: anon | Sep 4, 2008 9:37:22 AM

She'd wrestle bears, if the bears were man enough.

Posted by: dearieme | Sep 4, 2008 11:50:57 AM