Saturday, May 3, 2008

Somin on Rauch's Claim that McCain is a Burkean Conservative
Mike Rappaport

Ilya Somin questions Jonathan Rauch's claim that John McCain is a Burkean Conservative. I had the same skeptical reaction when I saw Rauch's article in the Atlantic. 

At present, I still plan not to vote for McCain.  There is just too much I dislike about him and his positions. 

One issue  where I have tended to agree with McCain is Iraq, but even there I gain little comfort.  I supported the War in Iraq as a significant exception to my general opposition to intervention in other countries.  I don't -- and never did -- favor intervening throughout the world to promote democracy or humanitarian aims.   Like Charles Krauthammer, I supported Iraq, but opposed the intervention in Kosovo (as well as the Sudan, although I don't know what Krauthammer's view on Sudan was).  My impression is that McCain would like to intervene in many other places if he could.  So I am likely to disagree generally with McCain on military policy, even though we agree on Iraq.  Whether I will vote for a third party candidate or not vote at all for the presidency, I am not sure. 

Ilya does present the strongest argument for supporting McCain: the desire to promote divided government.  If I do end up voting for McCain, that will be the reason.  But I am not convinced that a limited period of government by Democrats will be bad -- in the long run -- for the Republic.  As I have repeatedly argued, four years of Jimmy Carter made the Reagan and post Reagan boom possible, and two years of Bill Clinton and a democratic Congress made the Clinton-Gingrich boom possible.

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Mike Rappaport


I, too, would consider voting for McCain were it to represent divided government. I, too, am not voting for McCain because I'm sure it wouldn't.
We will perhaps be fortunate to endure only the considerable consequences of a jimmy carter administration, for this virus has aquired greater immunities, and the host is ever weaker.
Besides, as a fellow said, the reason God didn't send another Flood is because the first one was wasted.

Posted by: james wilson | May 4, 2008 7:56:42 AM

I don't like McCain. However, I will vote for him because I think he is clearly better than Clinton and Obama. McCain has a rep for wanting to invade other countries? Good. That means our enemies are less likely to test him. I don't want a President Obama to be in charge after the attacks on us that Obama's naive and feckless approach to foreign enemies seems likely to encourage.

Posted by: Jonathan | May 4, 2008 10:38:12 AM