Monday, April 28, 2008

Glenn Reynolds on Andrew Sullivan
Mike Rappaport

Glenn write snippets, but he makes every word count.  Clearly, that is part of the power of his blog.  Just marvel at the knockout punch that Glenn delivers to Sullivan in a few short words.  From Instapundit:

Andrew Sullivan finally catches on: "But what [Rev. Wright] said today extemporaneously, the way in which he said it, the unrepentant manner in which he reiterated some of his most absurd and offensive views, his attempt to equate everything he believes with the black church as a whole, and his open public embrace of Farrakhan and hostility to the existence of Israel Zionism, make any further defense of him impossible. This was a calculated, ugly, repulsive, vile display of arrogance, egotism, and self-regard. This is an outright attack on the stated beliefs and policies and values of Barack Obama in a secular setting."

Yes, Wright's views certainly contradict Obama's stated beliefs, policies, and values. Andrew adds: "Obama needs not just to distance himself from Wright's views; he needs to disown him at this point. Wright himself, it seems to me, has become part of what Obama is fighting against." Become? I don't see that Wright has changed. People have just noticed. And if this is what Obama is fighting against, then . . . where's the fighting against part?

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Mike Rappaport


The guy has been spewing this stuff for 20-some years and Obama gets around to disowning him now - only after it looks like his political aspirations will tank if he doesn't.

A few weeks ago, Wright was Obama's spiritual mentor. Now, Wright was "never" Obama's spiritual mentor (a real "1984" piece of Newspeak for you here, do you think Winston Smith is on Obama's campaign staff?).

Obama had to cozy up to the black racists on the south side of Chicago to launch his career (in districts gerrymandered to be majority black). Now he finds himself having to appeal to non-blacks in a nation where blacks are only a bit more than a dozen percent of the population (while Illinois is not majority black, its politcal dynamics let Obama win his Senate seat without ever having to deal with the issue).

The cozy ties to the black racists (or the old unrepentant terrorsts, like Ayers and Dohrn) will now be fatal to any higher offices he wants. So now, all of a sudden, these sentiments are "outrageous" and "divisive" and "wrong" and such.

Color me unimpressed. Or color me an angry, bitter, typical white person, clinging to my guns and religion and xenophobia and homophobia because the government disappointed me. Whatever.

Posted by: krome | Apr 30, 2008 7:22:35 AM

Good stuff check out mine

Posted by: Andrew Reynolds | Sep 19, 2008 8:28:50 PM