Sunday, February 24, 2008

Sullivan on the Clintons
Mike Rappaport

Andrew Sullivan writes:

The Clintons, we can now safely say, got lazy. Or rather their old and now forgotten lackadaisical attitude toward governing returned like a persistent flu to campaigning. We tend to forget that their entire governing agenda after 1994 was essentially finessing Gingrich and battling impeachment. (Their entire agenda before 1994 was successful Eisenhower economics, and disastrous Hillarycare). It's been fifteen years since the Clintons actually stood for a coherent message, and it turns out they had forgotten that you kind of need that for a presidential run.

Italics mine.  While I do admit that the last six years of the Clinton presidency was a good time domestically for the country, I tend to regard it as largely the result of the Republican Revolution.  Sullivan seems to be suggesting something similar.

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Mike Rappaport