Friday, February 29, 2008

Althouse catches McCain slumming with anti-Catholic conehead
Tom Smith

I had never heard of this guy, but I never listen to anything in which the phrase "Whore of Babylon" features, if it refers to Holy Mother Church.  We owe Professor Althouse one for this.  I was probably not going to vote for McCain anyway, but the chances just went from slim to none.

Not that you shouldn't vote for McCain.  By all means, vote for whomever you want.  But I think it's going to be another libertarian year for me.  I don't know that I can vote for Ron Paul.  Maybe I'll just write in Richard Epstein.  I don't know that he would be a good President, but he would certainly be a highly entertaining one.  As a Californian, my vote matters next to nothing anyway.  It's more just something between me, my conscience, God, and the evil priest who mind-controls me into serving the Papist agenda (it's the domination of the world, stupid).

That's one funky poster Pastor Hoggy or whatever his name is has illustrating the history of the world.  I wonder if I could buy one somewhere.  I like the chunky, slatternly WOB on the back of the, I take it that's the Beast of Revelation?  The carnival sideshow art style is perfect.  For the Beast at the End of Days, it's not very menacing looking.  It's looks like a big pink reptile of the sort one might be tempted to buy at Petco, but that may be the Catholic in me speaking.  I do rather like reptiles and have collected them at times in my life.  We now have a corn snake, a gekko and a White's tree frog (I know, amphibian) at home.  I had always thought that was just my biophilia, but I guess it could be having been damned from the beginning of time.

I really don't take it personally.  I know it is the job of a politician to suck up to whatever disgusting nutball with a following that he has to in order to fulfill the craving for personal aggrandizement that any successful politician must have, in addition to helping us all lead more fulfilling lives.  McCain is just doing his job.  I'm good with that.  But, since it is my vote,  I think I'll just grace somebody else with it.

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Tom Smith