Thursday, November 15, 2007

What is going on with "Indoctrinate U"
Tom Smith

Apparently some major state university has threatened a lawsuit against the movie "Indoctrinate U", and the websites about the movie have been temporarily (one hopes) frozen.  What is going on here?  Which university has threatened them?  And what with?  This should be exactly the sort of thing one should be able to find out about in the blogosphere, but I see nothing on Instapundit, Volokh or the usual suspects (I may have missed it though; if so, sorry.  Maybe I am the only one who doesn't know.  It wouldn't be the first time.)

This is news, oh fellow bloggers.  Mr. Coyne is understandably reluctant to comment.  I suspect he has gotten a cease and desist letter, and he and his lawyers are deciding whether to push on and risk suit or perhaps seek a declaratory judgment in some court or other.  I am not First Amendment scholar, but I use the First  Amendment nearly every day.  Surely the sort of political commentary that the movie is, would have a wide latitude under the Constitution, reviled post-colonial document enforced by hegemonic white males though it may be.  So what gives?  Minorities in the academy want to know.

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Tom Smith


I'm with you Tom. Why no coverage!?! I've been searching Technorati for days to find ANY posts about what's going on. I've even sent notes along to Glenn, Hot Air, MM, and Drudge.

What gives?


Posted by: Moose Dung | Nov 17, 2007 8:52:06 AM