Thursday, November 29, 2007

NY Times unable to find Republican students
Tom Smith

Is it just me, or do none of these students at Harvard's Kennedy School, "blogging" about the YouTube/CNN debate for GOP candidates, sound like they are actually Republicans?  Are there any Republican students at the Kennedy school?  (Secret Republicans don't count.) How is it remotely relevant to anything what (presumably) Democrat students, at one of the most liberal academic enclaves in the country, think of the performance of the various Republican candidates?  Some of the comments are beyond stupid -- (I paraphrase)  "Huckabee stresses he can beat Hillary; but that offends our sense of democracy.  She hasn't been nominated yet."  "Republicans are against gays in the military but Alexander the Great had a lot of gays in his army."  (I'm surprised the movie 300 was not invoked.  None of those warriors were overtly gay, but you're going to have a hard time finding it in stock in the Castro Blockbuster, I can tell you.)  Still, it is amusing to see the NY Times pretending it is new media.

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Tom Smith


Well, what were they supposed to talk about? Democrats or not, there wasn't much meat to chew on. Lotsa heat without kindling. Things were set up for confrontations over issues of subtier importance.

Oh no, not the "sanctury mansion" -good one Rudy. --By the way? Where were you the week of Sept. 10th 2001? Seems like the NYC Board of Lofts got a bill for $37,000 in travel expenses to the Hamptons that week...what? it's a security matter? Does that mean it's classified?

Anderson Cooper was in over his head: "time Governor...whimper (30 seconds pass)...uh, um, time, please"

CNN is incompetant to vet questions and questioners: How did that gay former general and Hillary supporter get a fourth row seat? How did he get a two minute solo? A follow up question by Anderson?(I think Anderson may feel strongly about this gays in the military issue) "As a gay former general, do you feel satisfied by the candidates' unanimous support of don't ask don't tell? No? Really?"
Dude, where in the world did don't ask don't tell come from? Is that a Republican sore spot?

Iraq kinda came up...incidentally. Healthcare? No. Iran? No. Pakastan? No. Energy? No. Free Trade No? The Credit Crises? No. Recession? no, not really.

Two gun questions, great! since gun control is a such a divisive issue amongst Republicans we should get to hear about it, twice.

My favorite was the Confederate Flag one...completely and utterly irrelevant question asked solely to trap the unlucky recipient (who ended up being Romney). Say its great: rest of the country thinks you're racist. Say it isn't cool: offend South Carolina. That seems fair, since opinions of the Confederate legacy is an imminent indicator of presidential prowess...

Oh, and don't forget the Bible. EVERY WORD OF IT! (which translation?) How insane.

What a waste of time. At least Huckabee was funny.

Posted by: Sam Goble | Nov 29, 2007 2:42:17 PM