Thursday, November 29, 2007

GOP has lost Kinsley's vote
Tom Smith

If the Republicans think life-long Democrat and former New Republic editor  Michael Kinsley will become a Republican just because the objection to the stem-cell research that might have made his brain surgery unnecessary, had it not been delayed by the Republican opposition to embryonic research, has now been rendered moot by the recent discovery of an alternative, ethically uncontroversial source of stem cells, they have another thing coming!  Other Democrats who might have avoided brain surgery by discoveries that might have been made by research that might of been conducted earlier had Republicans not opposed using embryos until a less ethically problematic source of stem cells was found, may well feel the same way.

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Tom Smith


Are you saying that Democrats, as a group, are in need of brain surgery?

I'm not necessarily disputing such an assertion, I was just wondering whether you were making such an assertion.

Posted by: krm | Nov 30, 2007 8:33:14 AM

Rather than perpetuate the myth, why don't we just admit that private money didn't pour into embryonic stem cell research because it wasn't promising to investors. We're talking about their money, after all. Embryonic stem cell research was never illegal.

We are actually talking about tax money, forcibly extracted from me, to fund pie-in-the-sky promises. Standards for that, and a whole lot of other things, are low in Washington.

Posted by: MarkD | Dec 5, 2007 6:14:15 AM