Monday, June 11, 2007

Boy update
Tom Smith

From Dr. Helen.

Boy-related quote of the week:  During the big air-soft war over the weekend, I got tired of listening to the bickering over who would get to use the new M-82, who the pistols, etc. etc.  Finally Dad had to yell "If you guys don't stop fighting, I'm going to make you stop fighting!"  It worked.  They stopped bickering and went back to shooting at each other.

Which reminds me:  Boy movie review -- Apocalypto

Well, it is certainly bloody enough.  OTOH its depiction of Aztec (or is it Mayan?  We were unsure) culture as horribly nasty and oppressive was an interesting counter-balance to the official view that human sacrifice is just a cultural value choice modality that involved lots of really neat art.  All of us thought the plot was a little thin.  The movie is mostly one big chase.  It's suspensful, but there's not that much too it.  I thought the depiction of hunter-gatherer/forager/current PC term whatever-it-is lifestyle was pretty cool.  LWJ found the depiction of pregnancy clichayed and medically improbable.  Production values are very high, especially the Aztec/Mayan urban scenes.

Less widely recognized is that the movie is highly derivative, almost a remake of The Naked Prey, which is also mostly chase, and I would say quite a bit better.  Less graphic, yet more realistic and more horrifying.  It also gets across the important moral that if you are on safari in central Africa, you really don't want to be taken alive by unfriendly tribesmen, and if you are, you should run away.

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