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Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Baby Abuse
Mike Rappaport

Should deaf parents be allowed to select genes to ensure that their children are deaf?  My immediate and continuing reaction is no, absolutely not.  It may not be evil -- although it may be -- but it should not be allowed.  After all, if a deaf parent had a hearing child and then intentionally caused the child to become deaf through physical injury, we would certainly prohibit and punish that.  Are the gene selections so different? 

That said, I recognize the issues are more complex, including matters such as drawing lines.  And you can sympathize with a deaf parent who wants their child to share their world.  But one is supposed to want a better life for your child than you have, even if it causes your life to be worse.

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Mike Rappaport


I am afraid that our cultural shift from a 'melting pot' concept to a 'tossed salad' concept, and the encouragement of separate group identities, makes this sort of this inevitable. I think this sort of thing is only going to get worse (until a more cohesive society overruns us).

Posted by: krm | Dec 6, 2006 10:33:43 AM