Wednesday, November 8, 2006

Some Good News
Mike Rappaport

For conservatives, and to some extent for libertarians, this is a pretty sad night.  For me, though, I am not so unhappy.  The Republicans had lost their way, and they needed to be punished.  This was about the least costly way to do it  But I am under no illusions: it is not going to be pretty.

One piece of good news from the night was that the Michigan Civil Rights Initiative won.  This initiative prohibits discrimination on the basis of race or sex for state employment, university admissions, and public contracting.   The leader of the movement for MCRI was Jennifer Gratz, who I met about a year ago.  She was optimistic about winning, although few others in the room agreed with her.  (Certainly not Maimon or I, who are quite the pessimists.)  But she turned out to be right.

I am sure that Gail, our resident experts on such matters, will have much more to say about MCRI.

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Mike Rappaport


Don't be sad. The Democrats won the HOUSE and the SENATE:

Posted by: SD Law Student | Nov 8, 2006 9:11:55 AM

The run of referenda seem to indicate that the populace at large are doing OK. We just have this horrific problem with having to filter far too much through the despicable politicians.

Posted by: krm | Nov 8, 2006 6:42:41 PM