Sunday, November 12, 2006

Movie Recommendation: The Queen
Mike Rappaport

Last night, I saw the movie, The Queen, which purports to tell the story of the British Royal Family's response to the death of Princess Diana and the public's  reaction to it.  I really liked the movie quite a bit -- much more than I thought I would.  For one, Helen Mirren does a marvelous job in the title role, and no doubt will be nominated for an Oscar.  While it is impossible to know how accurate the movie is, it seemed entirely believeable and showed in an insightful way how people can make mistakes, fooling themselves and misreading others.  For a while, the movie seemed to take a strong anti-royal line, but at important places it sought to balance matters, especially with a dramatic speech at a critical moment by Tony Blair.  Usually, I watch my watch throughout a movie, but I didn't check it once during this one.  Highly Recommeded!

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Mike Rappaport