Tuesday, October 24, 2006

If the Democrats take the Congress
Mike Rappaport

Assuming that the Democrats take one or both houses, the world will not end.  Indeed, some good things may happen.  Some people  have argued, not unpersuasively, that spending may go down as President Bush decides to veto Democratic spending projects. Here is another happy possibility: President Bush can more persuasively threaten the Iraqi government that it needs to take action against militant Shia, or else he will be forced by the Democrats to withdraw the troops (or at least more of the troops than he would have otherwise).  None of this is certain, but there is always a bright side to matters.  One thing that would be pretty certain and that is desirable is that the Republicans would have been punished for straying from their base.  And that is  worth quite a bit.   

Update: I added a couple of sentences to clarify my meaning and to make a new point.


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