Sunday, September 3, 2006

Nice threads
Tom Smith

Back when I was slaving away at a giant law firm, one of the ways I consoled myself was by buying and wearing really nice clothes.  I started out buying suits at Georgetown or similar shops, but I was never quite happy with what I got.  I finally asked a lawyer who was always impeccably turned out where he got his suits.  He sat me down and explained why if I wanted a suit that fit properly, I would have to get it made by a proper tailor.  This is especially true if you are not built like a model, and I don't mean a model for the article on American obesity in JAMA.  So I ended up getting something like four suits made, and I can almost get away with wearing one of them still, though something about its cut looks a little 80s to me. 

Some people can step right into a Brooks Brothers or even a Paul Stuart suit, but many of us are better off getting one suit that fits instead of two that don't really.  Now, I am happy in my work, and dress accordingly, that is, dreadfully.  I even wear those horrible guido pseudo-Hawaiian style shirts.  They are light, comfortable in a warm climate, you don't have to tuck them in.  What can I say.  Who knows, someday I may start dressing well again.  The academy is notorious for making people dress badly.  A dapper academic is almost always to be avoided, Ronald Dworkin being the only exception I can think of, though undoubtedly there are others.

Anyway, I found this nice blog, commercial, but still nice, by an English bespoke tailor who seems to know the business through and through, and have sensible opinions about such things as why good, English tailoring is better than Armani. A suit from this guy will set you back about 3500 USD, which is a lot, but that is partly the fault of the exchange rate.  (If you are skinny and a girl, but like to dress like a man (sort of), you could check this out.)   I may be in the market again after I lose 40 pounds and a gigantic monetary boat floats in.  Improbable, but you never know.

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Tom Smith


Better than stuffy English bespoke: get yourself to Hong Kong, where you will find some of the greatest tailors on the planet, trained in fine British tradition, and costing a fraction of what you will pay on Saville Row.

Posted by: E | Sep 13, 2006 10:24:33 PM