Thursday, July 27, 2006

Who caused the deaths of the UN workers?
Mike Rappaport

It remains to discovered what exactly happened in the killing by Israel of the four UN workers in Lebanon.  Of course, Kofi Annan was quick to suggest that Israel did it intentionally.  At least he is consistent.  But it now appears that the action was the moral responsibility of Hezbollah, which used the UN workers as human shields.

UN officials said Hezbollah guerillas had been operating in the area of the post near the eastern end of the border with Israel, a routine tactic to prevent Israel from attacking them.

"We did repeatedly in recent days say (to Israel) that this was an exposed position, that Hezbollah militants were 500 meters (yards) away shielding themselves near UN workers and civilians," UN humanitarian chief Jan Egeland said. "That's why it is so inexplicable that what happened happened."

Of course, the UN says nothing about this in its public statements and does not hold Hezbollah responsible.  This is, sadly, par for the course throughout the world.  There are civilian casualties in Lebanon caused by Hezbollah's use of human shields, but much of the world ignores this and simply counts up the Lebanese casualties, placing the blame on Israel.

The world has gotten a bit tied of the "cycle of violence" meme.  But its replacement -- the civilian casualties / proportionality meme -- is going strong.

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Mike Rappaport


From the UN information output, which gave a great deal of data on Israeli troop/supply movements, it almost appears as if the UN had the troops there to act as forward observers for Hezbollah.

If the UN troops were there to help Lebanon control its southern territory (which would presumably mean working against Hezbolah), how did we get to the point where Hezbollah had its 'military' outposts located and operating right next to UN outposts.

Posted by: krm | Jul 27, 2006 6:18:45 AM