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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Sorry, you can't kill the Christians
Tom Smith

Here's how it works.  If Americans die liberating you from your benighted, medieval theocracy, then whatever government you set up next can't execute somebody just because they convert to Christianity.  It's one of the few absolute rules left in this everything is relative world of ours. Maybe something's changed within the last few days, but the British are not exactly covering themselves with glory on this one.  It seems like they are afraid of offending the Muslims by saying they can't kill people for leaving the faith. 

I suppose if you wanted to have some little country out in the desert, with big signs on the border, that said, Christians Will Be Persecuted, that would be one thing.  But once you start harboring plane hijacking terrorists, and we have to clean things up to stop our people from getting murdered, your right to maintain your nation as a tyrannical hellhole just sort of evaporates.  Deal with it.

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KILL ABDUL RAHMAN! Every time a christian is killed, the world becomes a better place!!

Posted by: Anton | May 9, 2006 2:03:45 AM